It is a pleasure to introduce you to a region that I have hunted and protected for over 20 years - the Walker River region of Eastern Arnhemland. I first came to this magnificent landscape in the late 1980's seeking the ultimate in buffalo hunting. What I found still amazes and thrills me today. Quite simply this wilderness region is one of the most profound buffalo habitats that I have come across in my 28 years as a professional hunter. From the vast open flood plains where hundreds of buffalo congregate at the end of the wet season to the coastal jungle strips where massive old lone bulls seek refuge, to the open savanna and the rock escarpment and valleys. Buffalo thrive in this wonderful habitat, and it is with great enthusiasm and privilege that I offer you a hunting experience I know shall leave you with lasting impressions.

It has taken years of carefully planned management to ensure a continuous supply of large trophy bulls. Every hunter entering our hunting concession knows he has a genuine chance of taking a top class trophy in a truly wilderness location. The area is so vast with so many valleys and creeks, waterholes and swamps the buffalo have a natural barrier of protection unaffected by human habitation that covers an area in excess of two million acres. Every hunt conducted in this great concession brings an air of excitement because there is a real chance of taking a record breaking buffalo; with all of our hunters having the opportunity for a big, old trophy class buffalo around 100 SCI- that constitutes a fine trophy. It has taken 20 years of strict management to achieve this benchmark, with our self imposed quota of 30 large trophy bulls harvested annually and our ongoing management program that harvests genetically inferior animals.

While buffalo are our true specialty, we have also been outfitting on other Northern Territory species - wild boar and wild ox for just as long, and we can provide you with a comprehensive combination hunt on all species within the Northern Territory. We work closely with outfitters in Eastern Australia and New Zealand to provide the full range of hunts in the South Pacific including all 15 hunt-able species. Those out fitters that we recommend and l have worked with for many years are specialists in their field. We believe the only way to book a hunt across the South Pacific is to deal with specialists in each hunting country.

It is with great pleasure that I can offer hunters a hunting experience that goes beyond the achievements of taking large trophies. It is the sum of experiences shared by hunting such a remote, diverse and untouched land that will compliment your wilderness experience in outback Australia. I look forward to guiding you on the best hunt that we can offer.

Simon Kyle-Little

Walker River, Northern Territory

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